How to Launch Your ICO

The key points

Make the mission compelling. You want to create supporters, not just backers and investors. You need to make it clear what your company stands for, and why you are undertaking the project. This will, in turn, create a community of supporters, and serve as effective marketing in itself.

Target the appropriate audience. Remember that Cryptos, ICOs and Blockchain are still foreign concepts to the majority of the population. Think about who is going to buy your tokens, and target them through the appropriate channels.

Make sure the proposition is completely transparent. This will inspire confidence, and people need confidence to invest. Make a human connection – extensive bios of every team member including professional looking pictures and links to LI accounts. Emphasise that your team is strong, qualified, experienced and capable. Set up channels for people to ask questions on Telegram, Slack and Reddit, and make sure to answer questions quickly and clearly. An unanswered or poorly answered question can undermine an entire project. Also be sure to detail all the financials including how & where the funds will be used, and how profits will be distributed.

Make sure you are fully compliant. Know where you stand with KYC and AML compliance, and what territories have banned token sales.

Promote your ICO through popular ICO rating sites and calendars, thematic forums, LinkedIn, blogs, and press releases. My personal recommendations for rating sites would be ICO Bench, ICO Tracker, Smith + Crown, ICO Alert and Cyber Fund, but there are plenty more available.

if you want a hand with any of the above, get in contact with the friendly team at Blocknine. You can reach us on 0118 950 3381 or at