How to get the mainstream media interested in your ICO

So, you’re trying to spread the word about your project. The crypto media is the place to go – there’s no shortage of sites/ channels/ forums, and its where you’ll find the people with the interest, know-how and means to invest in your ICO. But with their enormous audience sizes, mainstream media outlets can also be useful in getting the word out. Ultimately, the more people who have heard about your project, the better. So, here’s how to capture the attention of the mainstream media (according to a journalist I spoke to):

Keep it simple. Journalists are a busy lot, so if it’s an email, make the subject line snappy and the email to the point.

Everyone loves a good back story, so sell the story, not the technical details. What are your motivations? What problems are you trying to solve? Sell why you’re doing it, not what you’ve made.

What’s unique and new about your project?

Bear in mind the publication you’re writing to, and their audience. All media outlets have an agenda of some sort, whether or not they admit, or even realise it. Think about what theirs is, and make it relevant to them and their audience.

If you need to, make it an exclusive. Journalists love an exclusive.

Don’t give up. You might have to email 20, 50, even 100 people before you get the coverage you’re after, but when you do, it’ll all be worth it.

Oh, and it also never hurts to make a bold prediction.