EZsolutions reached 209% of their original target, with their 3rd (and most expensive) ICO round selling all 5 million tokens available in just 41 seconds.


Payment solutions provider EZSolutions needed help launching their EZToken ICO, which provides a full loyalty rewards ecosystem for customers and retailers, that investors can take advantage of. BlockNine delivered a range of consultancy services within a tight time frame to help ensure the success of this venture.



“BlockNine have assisted on many different aspects of the project, ranging from strategy and advice through to website optimisation, animation and video production. We would recommend their services to anyone looking to create a successful ICO”
Laurent Nguyen, CSO EZPOS Website


In detail…

EZSolutions, a Vietnamese company who specialise in Point Of Sale systems, approached us with a very exciting project – they wanted help in launching their upcoming ICO. Given of the international nature of ICOs, and the differences in cultural and business norms between South East Asia and the West, EZSolutions needed Westerners with the relevant business acumen with whom to consult. We, BlockNine, and our friends at Currency Alliance over in Barcelona, were chosen. The project was an enormous undertaking – EZSolutions process over 1bn USD per year in payments. The time frame was very restrictive – we had 3 weeks over Christmas to provide strategy, branding, website and marketing consultancy, revise and proof read all of their existing messaging and create new content, film a discussion piece, create an explanatory animation, and assist with advertising and PR. Throughout the entire project no wrong step could be taken. With ICOs, reputation is everything, and one wrong move can create FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt), which can put paid to an entire project virtually overnight.



All the hard work paid off in the end however, with EZsolutions reaching 209% of their original target, and their 3rd (and most expensive) ICO round selling all 5 million tokens available in just 41 seconds.